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Rachel Betz’s SOLD OUT Cherry Creek North Luxury Condo Listings at Saint John’s Gardens Denver

From the very beginning, everyone agreed that Saint John’s Gardens was a special residential Luxury project like nothing Cherry Creek North had seen.  The vision for this incredible place was one of honoring the historic nature of the award-winning Sanctuary Residence (1903) and Rectory (1905) buildings, while creating an incredible outdoor living space for all of the residents.  The vision was a serene and welcoming Sanctuary within the city – an attempt to merge Denver, Colorado city life with the essence of European countryside gardens.   While most other developers and builders in Cherry Creek North were working to maximize square footage, by building as large as possible, with as little outdoor space as possible, Saint John’s Gardens was designed to allow for a unique balance between grand, open floor plans, and stunning courtyards.

I’m proud to announce that Saint John’s Gardens is the only Luxury new construction residential project that has been completely SOLD OUT prior to completion of construction.  This project has been a labor of love for years for the entire team.  If you have real estate and construction needs, I hope you will consider supporting some of the amazing business that have been involved with this project:

Saint John’s Gardens LLC (David Veldman, Developer)

DHR Architecture (Formerly DH Ruggles, Architects)

Hyatt Studios (Landscape Architecture/Design)

Interior Intuitions (Custom Cabinet Design & Suppliers)

Arrowhead Floors & Interiors (Stone, Tile, Wood, and Finish Suppliers)

Kobey Development (Interior Finish Construction of THE FLATS building)

RLM Building Company (Bob Murdock – Historic Renovation of The Sanctuary Residence)

And of Course… Rachel Betz Real Estate (Real Estate Sales & Project Management)

What’s next for Rachel Betz Real Estate you ask?  A new project, of course!  Stay tuned for happenings at Blackstone Rivers Ranch an amazing new mountain property in Idaho Springs, Colorado…an incredible new event venue is coming summer of 2013.  It will host weddings, reunions, business retreats, leadership camps for kids, and private wine, dining and music series events.


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